Artist Consultation
Artist Consultation
Artist Consultation
Artist Consultation

Artist Consultation

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Art consultation / studio shadow. With many years of experience as a working artist, I hope to be of service in taking your own art to the next level!

Perfect for emerging and aspiring artists.

These are casual sessions - come and shadow me at the studio for a few hours, and ask questions and work on some art! Through our conversation and time together we'll cover the following: 

- Portfolio review & helpful critique

- Philosophy behind creating meaningful art

- How to increase your skill level 

- Tips & tricks on how to market your art

- Based on initial conversation and evaluation, we can create a unique action plan and go into specific lessons and assignments if called for. 

Meetings are in person (in the Denver area) or virtual if necessary (please contact).  First consultation is ~1 - 3 hours in length. 

* Upon payment, we'll contact through email and set up a time to meet.

Thanks for your interest, and for your dedication to art!
Looking forward to meeting you. :) 

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