Art Life: Drawing Essentials with Randal & Shannon

Art Life: Drawing Essentials with Randal & Shannon

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Art Life: Drawing Essentials 

Full enrollment has ended, but drop-ins welcome!

$30 at the door / schedule below 


Whether you are just beginning your art journey or a more experienced artist this class welcomes all levels. This course is an opportunity to develop and enhance your drawing skills through practice, assignments, community, and the guidance of your art mentors Randal Roberts and Shannon Miguela.

We'll give you the necessary techniques and fundamentals of drawing over 6 weeks, so in the last 2 weeks you can create a work of art from start to finish. 

Time and Dates

Thursdays 7:00-9:00 pm 

January 4th-February 29th


Threyda Gallery 

878 Santa Fe Dr



Drop in: $30 at the door

Save $40 when you sign up before December 15th. 


Day 1:

Opening circle & Beginning fundamentals 

Day 2:

Light and shadow + continued essentials + cross hatching

Day 3:

Still Life 

Drawing shapes and drawing “through”

Day 4:

Keeping a sketchbook / drawing from plants & nature

Day 5:

Day 6:

Live Model

Day 7:

Composition and 2-d design  

Day 8:

Student Art Show! + Closing circle 


Materials to bring to class

Set of Artist Pencils 

Kneaded Eraser

Pencil Sharpener

White Eraser

9x12 Newsprint Paper

11x14in Sketchbook

Clipboard (optional) 

Small sketchbook / journal (optional)

Drawing pens (optional)



All levels welcome.

Some materials will be available for shared use.


* * * * * 


Randal Roberts is an internationally recognized self-taught painter. Having identified as an artist his whole life, at the age of 30 he was inspired at last to quit the factory job, embark on a soul-searching road trip, and dedicate himself to art full time. 
He has lived in the beautiful NY Hudson Valley, the beloved San Francisco Bay, and is currently based in Denver, Colorado.


"I pledge to do my best work for the highest good, & to practice my art as a way of awakening myself and others."


Shannon Miguela is an American artist with a BFA in art education specialized in painting and drawing. Shannon's journey as an artist celebrates the unique symbiosis of human to both worldly and otherworldly elements. She paints with the intention to empower viewers and inspire inner dialogues about the divine feminine and the surreal subconscious. She feels that through the continuous practice of enhancing and understanding human experience through visionary art, existence becomes more meaningful and lucid.

As a studio artist, live painter, and art teacher, she lives and breathes every second of her day through this creative practice. To her, painting is our soul language and  every brush stroke is an opportunity for growth. 

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